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2013 Passes Sold Out

Is it possible to enjoy the Telluride Film Festival without a pass? Why, yes, it is possible! Not having a pass is just another way to experience the Telluride Film Festival. We offer a few simple guidelines and tools that allow you to navigate your way through a weekend of spectacular Telluride films. 

A couple of tips: On Opening Day, download the Festival app- its real time features including theatre seat availability, is a valuable tool. We have had 3,000 available individual tickets at past Festivals and our Festival app will help you find them.

Many venues will have individual tickets (cash only) to sell after passsholders are seated.  We've added a new 650 seat venue to the mix which betters your odds:  The Werner Herzog Theatre, be sure to check it out in Town Park.

Available at the Festival Box Office on Opening Day, The Late Show Pass will extend your film viewing into the night.  It is good for the last screening at one of two venues each night of the Festival.  Knowing how you will spend your nights opens up more options for your day.  

And remember, certain Shows during the weekend are free. You read that right: Free! Pick up a Festival program and check out the film grid to find the free Shows playing over the five day weekend.