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Sundance has swag, Cannes has yachts... Telluride has class."
– John Horn, Los Angeles Times

The Telluride Film Festival will feature more than 50 programs screened in ten venues. The most popular films, according to passholder demand, are repeated throughout the weekend. The Festival is best experienced by purchasing one of the four passes, all of which cover the entire weekend from beginning to end and must be presented for admission to the venues and events.

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Town of Telluride $1 admission Fee for Opening party and Labor Day Picnic included in pass price.

Cinephile_ticket The Cinephile Pass ($390) Directed to the serious Cinephile, this pass follows a special menu of unique & often unrepeated programs, including classic film restorations, silents, Guest Director selections, selected new films and other special programs, plus admission to the Labor Day Picnic.

Acme_ticket The Acme Pass ($580) provides exclusive admission to Chuck Jones' Cinema with a sampler program culled from the overall Festival shows. This venue is located in the Mountain Village (accessible by a free, 12-minute gondola ride from town). This pass grants admission to the Labor Day picnic, plus two shows of passholder's choice at the new venue in Town Park.

Festival_ticket The Festival Pass ($780) our most popular pass, with unlimited choices of the Festival program provides admission on a first-come, first seated basis to all cinemas, and to all events, including the Opening Night Feed and Labor Day Picnic.

Patron_ticket The Patron Pass ($3900) Includes a tax-deductible donation of $1,900
This pass provides admission to all events in all sites. Patrons have priority seating at all theaters and are guests of honor at the Guest/Patron Brunch on Friday morning and also at the "Patron's Preview," the first screening of an important new film on Friday afternoon.

The Sponsor Pass
This pass is issued to those who have made a major contribution to support the presentation of the Festival. It provides all Patron Pass benefits listed above, plus additional exclusive benefits and recognition. Contact our Development Director for information at sponsorship(at)telluridefilmfestival.org