Programs of the National Film Preserve


Mission Statement

The goals of the National Film Preserve are:

  • To foster a love and understanding of the art of film and to provide a festive, educational atmosphere for its presentation;
  • To promote the discovery of new trends and directions in film, as well as to unveil lost masterpieces and unheralded artists of the past;
  • To create a place of connection for filmmakers from all over the world and with all disciplines of the art form to meet, share ideas and develop professional relationships;
  • To provide a seminal experience for film programmers, both theatrical and those connected with universities, college and arts centers, to inspire them to return to their communities with sources and ideas to encourage film literacy on the grassroots level;
  • To provide the Telluride region with an educational and cultural experience that enriches the lives of its citizens and contributes to the local economy.


Telluride Film Festival

Mission Statement

The Telluride Film Festival is an international educational event celebrating the art of film. It exists to provide a stimulating international gathering, open to everyone, in which the lovers and creators of cinema come together to see and discuss the most interesting work of the past and the present.